Sunday, March 15, 2015

Charting a new course

A little over a month ago I lost my job. A new job. A job that I had moved my husband and I across the country to begin. And, begin was all I was able to do.

After a month, I think I am finally making my peace with the situation.

I've moved past the anger. And yes, there was a lot of anger in those first few days.

I'm learning how to do nothing. After working for 12 years and never taking a real vacation, it seems like this phase of unemployment is about learning how to relax. Maybe this was a funny way to learn the lesson. I know now that I enjoy time just spending moments with my husband. I'm reminded daily of why we (while some thought it was an unlikely pairing) are together. 

In this peace, I can know tackle the question, what do I really want to be when I grow up? 

In the meantime, we have also learned that there is a great reason to be in this state as opposed to where we were - the 2nd highest unemployment benefit in the nation. 

I guess it's the small things, right? 

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